Tuesday, December 29, 2009


• No dogs at the first "Orientation" class.
For your pet’s safety, please bring your pet to class on a leash and refrain from greeting other dogs. “Meet and Greets” will be covered during class prior to supervised socializing.
• Please be on time.
• If your dog is in heat please contact us before bringing the dog to class.
• Closed toe shoes are required. No flip-flops or sandals.
• A flat, buckle collar or prong collar is required.
• A non-retractable nylon or leather six-foot leash is required. No Flexi-Leads, no chains, no retractable leashes, ropes or bungees.
• Your dog is not to be picked up and/or carried at any time.
• Please pick up after your pet in the class vicinity. Please bring water and plenty of your pup’s training treats, cut in small pieces, to class.
• NO “alpha rolls” are allowed. This is not an approved technique taught by Training by Trina and can be dangerous to the dog and the owner. Immediate dismissal from class will result.
• Only Training by Trina staff are to provide training techniques. Please do not assist any dog other than your own nor allow another dog owner to assist you in following these techniques. Immediate dismissal can result. If you have questions regarding a technique, please ask a Training by Trina staff member.
• Please keep your hands and feet to yourself and refrain from name calling of the dogs. Only positive reinforcement methods are taught in our classes.

Children in Class

All family members are encouraged to attend group classes. To protect the safety of everyone in class, canines and humans alike, please follow these guidelines:
• Children must be under parental control at all times.
• Parents must supervise their children during the entire class.
• No running or yelling will be permitted.
• Since not all dogs are comfortable around or friendly toward strangers and children, children should be instructed to never approach or pet another dog in class unless permission is requested and the approach is supervised.


• If you miss a session, please contact Training by Trina to discuss topics and homework. REMINDER: Star Puppies must attend all 6 classes in order to test and graduate.
• Drop-in/make-up classes are not permitted unless pre-arranged with Training by Trina.
• Students who are not pre-enrolled may be able to join at the trainer’s discretion, provided space is available. New students may be allowed to join after the first class session only at Training by Trina’s discretion.

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