Special Students (always under construction)

This is Izzy, known better as Dizzy Izzy.  Izzy was a terror and running her humans in circles and did not know how to keep her feet on the ground.  She is super smart and constantly needed something new to explore.  With patience and special toys that encouraged her to keep busy she blossomed into a well trained dog that passed her Canine Good Citizen with ease!

Jinkies is a Great Dane that started life with several strikes against her.  She had two different bone diseases that resulted in a serious injury to a back leg, resulting in experimental surgery to save the leg.  This was followed by six months of isolation in a confined area to prevent any more injuries and allow her bones to recover.  That was followed by another six months of very limited (on leash only) activity.  This meant no socializing, no puppy romping and no learning how to interact with other dogs or strangers and a resulting food aggression.  Her first visit to class resulted in an argument with another dog.  With intensive work, in home and in class training, and a lot of patience she is now a well socialized Canine Good Citizen and Service Dog in Training (for balance and mobility).  And is even best friends with the dog she had the fight with her first day of class.