Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holly-Daze are Here

There is so much going on in our worlds when the holidays hit that it often seems like we are in a daze until they are over. Before it gets too stressful for both you and your pet, be sure to take some basic precautions.

1. Watch out for common, non-food, items that can create choking hazards as well as digestive issues that can require surgical intervention: Tooth picks, foil or plastic wraps, ornament hangers.

2. Holiday goodies that include chocolate and raisins can be fatal to our pets.

3. Foods not included in their regular diet, such as sweets and fatty foods, can cause gastritis or even pancreatitis requiring immediate vet care.

4. Alcoholic beverages can be enticing to a dog but can cause severe long term damage or even death.

5. Garbage at this time of year will contain all kinds of yummy smelling and tasting things they should avoid. Be sure to remove promptly or keep it secured and out of reach.

6. Christmas trees should be well secured to the wall in order to prevent tipping or falling. Christmas tree water should be secured so that they cannot get to it as it may contain pine tar or tree preservatives which could be poisonous to your pet.

7. Tinsel, while very pretty, can easily tie up the intestines of dogs and cats.

8. Decorations can create choking hazards as well as damage to their digestive systems, sometimes requiring surgical intervention.

9. Antifreeze tastes sweet and many animals are attracted to it. Just a few drops are fatal.

10. Older dogs and puppies are vulnerable to cold weather. Restrict outdoor time and always provide a weather proof shelter and fresh water.

11. Chemicals and salt used to melt ice can irritate paws or cause digestive upsets if swallowed.

12. Make sure company secures anything that could be dangerous, such as medicines or personal grooming products.

13. Keep your indoor dog safe and secure, away from trouble. Keep them in their crate or a baby gated room when there is more going on than you can keep an eye on or if folks are over that are uncomfortable with dogs.

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